The following steps can be followed to simulate a 5G HetNet in NetSim

  1. Drag and drop base stations (gNBs), and UEs
  2. Have N classes of BSs (say 2 namely macro and small) based on frequency, transmit power, and bandwidth
  3. Let them be: Frequency F1, F2, Bandwidth: B1, B2, and Transmit Power: P1, P2. 
    • The antenna counts can also be different between the different classes of BSs
  4. NetSim will automatically calculate pathloss based on the frequency and location of the UEs/BSs
  5. UEs will associate with the BS from which it receives the highest power
  6. Backhaul for all BSs is wired connectivity to the core

Useful Resources

  1. NetSim 5G library documentation