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Problem Definition:

NetSim may load an empty grid when attempting to import a SUMO configuration file (*sumo.cfg/*.sumocfg) as shown below, in some of the following cases.

Case 1:

NetSim requires the time element with begin, end and step-length values to be part of the SUMO configuration file that is being imported:

<begin value="0"/>
<end value="100"/>
<step-length value="0.4"/>

begin value corresponds to simulation start time
end value corresponds to simulation end time
step-length value corresponds to time interval between two consecutive simulation steps in SUMO.

For Eg:

<!-- generated on 06/08/20 15:40:01 by Eclipse SUMO Version 1.2.0

<configuration xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">

        <net-file value=""/>
        <route-files value="osm.passenger.trips.xml"/>
        <additional-files value="osm.poly.xml"/>

        <begin value="0"/>
        <end value="100"/>
        <step-length value="0.4"/>

        <ignore-route-errors value="true"/>

        <device.rerouting.adaptation-steps value="180"/>

        <verbose value="true"/>
        <duration-log.statistics value="true"/>
        <no-step-log value="true"/>

        <gui-settings-file value="osm.view.xml"/>


If <time> element is missing in the sumo configuration file, then NetSim may load a blank grid without any vehicles. 


  • Add the <time> element manually in the SUMO configuration file by opening it in a text editor.
  • Save the changes and attempt to import the updated file in NetSim.

Add the  <time> element manually in the configuration file by opening the file in a text editor.

Save the changes and attempt to import the file again.

Note: For the end value specifying a value closer to the time at which the last vehicle leaves the network in SUMO, is recommended. This is because, even if you specify a large value for the end time, simulation in SUMO will end when the last vehicle leaves the network while running with NetSim. This is because beyond this time there is no relevant information that NetSim can extract from SUMO.

Case 2:

Python version compatible with NetSim version is either not installed or not configured correctly.


  • Ensure that the version of Python that is usually installed alongside NetSim is installed properly.
  • Check whether Python install path is part of the the system path variable for Python to be recognized as a valid command and be able to execute python scripts.