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Sensors and sinknode in a WSN network of NetSim are static in nature by default. However, mobility can be configured in the device general properties as shown below:

Attached herewith is an experiment file related to a simple WSN network scenario with 5 sensors and a sinknode. No mobility is configured for the sensor nodes whereas Random Walk mobility model is configured in the sinknode. 
Channel Characteristics is set to pathloss only with log distance pathloss model and pathloss exponent of 2.5 in such a way that the sensors are placed out of range of each other. 

All nodes have traffic to send to the Sinknode. Whenever sinknode comes closer to a sensor, route is established and packets are sent.

File Based Mobility model can also be configured in the sinknode, to input custom mobility pattern for a device using a mobility log file. Refer to Section 3.3.4 of MANET technology library document for more details on File Based Mobility Model.

Note: Mobility is not supported in 6LoWPAN Gateway in IoT network since can have wired links. However, any of the sensor nodes can be configured with mobility.