In general, steady-state simulation scale (measured as total number of events), is a function of Number of nodes, Traffic generated per node (applications), Simulation Time and Protocols running.

The number of nodes mentioned are limits enforced within NetSim and it is not guaranteed that simulations will execute for all ranges of all parameters at this scale. 

1. Academic (100 nodes) - 8 GB RAM, i3 equivalent or above, OS - Win 10 64 Bit

2. Standard (500 nodes) - 32 GB RAM, i7 equivalent or above, OS - Win 10 64 Bit

3. Professional (10000 nodes) - 128 GB RAM, XEON equivalent or above, OS - Win 10 64 Bit

It is impossible to specify the exact hardware requirements to meet the largest simulations, and the above specifications may serve as guidelines based on internal tests.


1. NetSim is a single process multi-threaded program. This means it can take advantage of multi-core processors but it cannot take advantage of multiple processors (parallel computing).

2. The device limits mentioned apply solely to simulation and not for emulation.