Following are our recommendations to help you in getting the best out of our support portal:

  1. Mark a cc to the Application Engineer (your contact person in NetSim), or to if you dont hear back from us within 2 working days. This sometimes happens if the portal marks your request as 'spam'.
  2. Always Sign in to our Support Portal which provides a convenient and rich interface to:
    • Create new tickets 
    • Keep track of existing tickets
    • Respond to support mails

You can quickly get to our support portal from NetSim Home Screen using the"Contact Technical Support" option under Support (In lower versions of Netsim, under Support->Raise a ticket option) or from our website ( under support-> Raise a ticket.

Also, access our KnowledgeBase which contains hundreds of technical articles and FAQ's which can be accessed directly from the home screen using "Answers/ FAQ" (in lower versions of Netsim, using the "Helpdesk") option or from our website ( under Support->KnowledgeBase option.