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In order to overcome the following error i.e for the proper interface between NetSim and MATLAB we need to add the MATLAB win64 path in Environment variable.

This error may occur if the MATLAB path is not specified in the system path variable.

Steps to add the path in Environment Variables:

  1. Right Click on This PC or My Computer in your system, click on Properties

  2. Click on Advanced System Settings

  3. Click on Environment variables

  4. In System variable table search "Path", click on Edit

  5. Click on New, now copy-paste the Matlab Bin Win64 path which looks like <C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2016a\bin\win64> to this path field and click OK

  6. If the machine has more than one MATLAB installed, the directory for the target platform must be ahead of any other MATLAB directory (for instance, when compiling a 32-bit application, the directory in the MATLAB 32-bit installation must be the first one on the PATH). To run 32-bit NetSim, users have to change the above-mentioned MATLAB path to 32-bit MATLAB paths.

           Use the Move up button to move the path entry added to the top of the list and click OK.