1. How do I set the frequency of data transmission? Like 20 / 30 messages per second?

    Traffic in NetSim is configured using the Application icon. The frequency of data transmission can be controlled using the Inter Arrival Time parameter which is part of applications such as CBR, Custom, HTTP, COAP, Voice (custom codec), Database, etc.  Following screenshot highlights the Inter Arrival Parameter in for a CBR application:

2. How do I set the transmission range? Eg: 100m, 250m etc

Transmission range of a vehicle depends on a variety of parameters. The factors which affect the radio range are:

a. Transmitter power (More Tx power implies higher range)

b. Path loss (Higher path loss exponent leads to lower range)

c. Receiver sensitivity (Lower Rx sensitivity leads to higher range. Rx sensitivity is in negative dB, hence lower means more negative).

Note: There is a common misunderstanding that a range of 100 m implies that transmissions work perfectly till 99 m but suddenly stop at 100 m. This is not so. The error rate gradually increases as the range in increased if other parameters are kept constant.

3. How to specify the MAC delay in VANET?

The MAC delay would be per the WAVE protocol settings. This can be set from the vehicle properties in NetSim GUI.


4. How to specify the road/vehicle properties like road length, Vehicle speed etc

The configuration related to vehicle density, vehicle velocity, highway length are related to SUMO. These configurations should be taken care while you create SUMO configuration file to be provided as input to NetSim. More information on SUMO can be got from:






For more information on VANET simulation features in NetSim please see https://tetcos.com/vanets.html