Admin Privileges is required to install NetSim. SUMO will install along with NetSim.

The general installation paths would be


Pywin: C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\

SUMO: C:\sumo-0.25.0

NetSim must also be installed in C drive only

NetSim v10.2 uses Python Version 2.7.6 and Phywin32-220

VANET Network Creation Flow in NetSim

Open Configuration1.sumo.cfg from NetSim GUI.

Configuration1.sumo.cfg file is available in <NetSim-installation-directory>/ Docs\Sample_Configuration\VANET. This folder (NetSim-installation-directory>/ Docs\Sample_Configuration\VANET) contains some example SUMO configuration files. Users can create/open their own SUMO config files.

Next, NetSim GUI calls Vanet.exe which in turn calls ( is available in <NetSim-install-directory>/bin folder, and can be modified by the user). When is run DevicePlacement.txt and RoadsPlacement.txt files will be created in windows temp path allotted for NetSim (%temp%/NetSim)

Note that Configuration1.sumo.cfg is the input file for

Run Simulation

When simulation is run, the core engine of NetSim ie NetSimcore.exe calls Vanet.exe which in turn calls (which is available in <NetSim-install-directory>/bin folder and is user modifyable).

This then calls SUMO and then we have run-time linking between SUMO and NetSimCore.exe

Note that

DevicePlacement.txt will be created by in the NetSim temp path (%temp%/NetSim) and per this file devices are been placed in NetSim GUI.

RoadsPlacement.txt will be also be created by in the NetSim temp path and per this file roads are created in GUI.


If Python is not working/installed or blocked by antivirus/firewall software then Python code ( won’t execute. This means that DevicePlacement.txt and RoadsPlacement.txt files would not get not created in NetSim temp path. This leads to GUI will throwing an error message “DevicePlacement.txt not found in temp path. (C:\Users\TETCOS\AppData\Local\Temp\NetSim path)“ which can be GUIlog.txt which is written in NetSim temp path

Try turning off the anti-virus / firewall and running

Check if DevicePlacement.txt and RoadsPlacement.txt is available in NetSim temp path