NetSim support includes

  • Software upgrades are provided via secure FTP with login and password
  • Product support is through our helpdesk ( or email ( We respond within one working day to all tickets.
  • Product support covers questions related to the working of NetSim, and resolution of bugs if possible
  • Live online (TeamViewer) support will be provided at the time of installation
  • After installation, we can also provide a few hours of online training depending on which version and components purchased
  • Additional live on-line support is also available on a case-to-case basis. We would require at least two days notice to slot a mutually convenient date/time.  
  • For self-learning, documentation, and manuals are regularly updated at, and videos are available at

Technical Product Support encompasses

  • Providing general advice on how to best approach a specific application;
  • Explaining intended usage of product features through product documentation and accompanying explanations if required;
  • Providing general guidance on how to diagnose and correct behavioral problems of user code that interacts with NetSim libraries within applications, such as simulations and optimizations;
  • Supporting system administration activities specifically related to installing and running NetSim; and
  • Logging reported problems and providing appropriate product updates/patches
  • E-mail support will be provided only when emails are sent from the organization/university email ID

NetSim Technical Support specifically does not include:

  • Developing models or studying model specifications/papers for users;
  • Debugging or inspecting models that contain user-written code;
  • Supporting system administration unrelated to NetSim products; or
  • Providing technical support for previous software releases
  • Solving issues related to problems with the 3rd party tools which NetSim interfaces with such as MATLAB, SUMO, Wireshark and Open street maps

Telephonic support (scope)

Our live support to education customers is only if the NetSim fails to install or run. We don't provide live support for modeling & simulation Q & A or on code development to education customers.