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To Enable Beacon Mode:

1. Right-click on the SinkNode and select properties.

2. In the data link layer properties set BeaconMode to Enable. You will find two new properties SuperframeOrder and BeaconOrder.

3. By default both the properties are set to 15. (This is equivalent to Beacon Disabled mode)

4. For beacons to be transmitted set the values less than 15. 

The Superframe order should always be less than or equal to the Beacon order (0<=S0<=BO<=14). These values not only determine the total beacons transmitted, but also the period of inactivity for the sensors.


There are no application metrics for WSN and users can calculate delay manually from the packet trace. The Phy layer end time and Phy layer arrival time columns can be used for this purpose.

Please refer to the experiment on "study the superframe structure and analyze the effect of superframe order on throughput" for better understanding.

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