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Reference: RLM License Administration Manual(Click here)


The license administration portal can be accessed from a browser in the license server system by typing localhost:5054 in the address bar as shown below:

Access to licenses is controlled with an options file that is configured with the settings you want to use. 

The RLM User Manual can be accessed using the RLM Manual button which is highlighted in the screenshot below:

The status button provides access to various options related to server status, license usage, logs, options file, Reread, etc, as shown below:

The Server Status Option will display information about the number of licenses that are available, in use, checkout time, etc and also allows checking the usage of each of the licenses as shown below:

The Edit rlm Options button opens the options file where administrators can reserve, restrict, include, and exclude license access to users.

Reserve licenses

Reserve a specific number of licenses to ensure that product licenses are available when needed. (Reserved licenses aren't available to other users.) For example, you can reserve licenses for people working on a time-sensitive project. 

RESERVE [count] [productfeature] [type] [name]

The following examples reserve either one or five seats for a NetSim subscription license with multi-user access for a user, a computer, a group, and so on:

RESERVE 1 netsim_std_1 USER smithj
RESERVE 1 netsim_std_1 HOST computer1
RESERVE 5 netsim_std_1 GROUP EngineeringGroup
RESERVE 5 netsim_std_1 HOST_GROUP ResearchDept
RESERVE 1 netsim_std_1 INTERNET
RESERVE 5 netsim_std_1 INTERNET 192.168.0.*
RESERVE 5 netsim_std_1 PROJECT IoTProject

For Example,

Exclude license usage

Block access to specific licenses. All users, hosts, or IP addresses that aren't explicitly excluded have access to these licenses.

EXCLUDE [productfeature] [type] [name]

The following examples block access to a NetSim subscription license with multi-user access for a user, computer, group, and so on:

EXCLUDE netsim_std_1 USER smithj
EXCLUDE netsim_std_1 HOST computer1
EXCLUDE netsim_std_1 GROUP EngineeringGroup
EXCLUDE netsim_std_1 HOST_GROUP ResearchDept
EXCLUDE netsim_std_1 INTERNET 192.168.0.*
EXCLUDE netsim_std_1 PROJECT IoTProject

Note: EXCLUDE statements always supersede conflicting INCLUDE statements. If there is a conflict, the EXCLUDE statement takes precedence.

For Example,

Include license usage

Give access to specific licenses. This setting blocks all users, hosts, or IP addresses that aren't explicitly included. If you want to block only a few users, consider using EXCLUDE instead.

INCLUDE [productfeature] [type] [name]

The following examples give access to a NetSim subscription license with multi-user access for the specified user, computer, group, and so on:

INCLUDE netsim_std_1 USER smithj
INCLUDE netsim_std_1 HOST computer1
INCLUDE netsim_std_1 GROUP EngineeringGroup
INCLUDE netsim_std_1 HOST_GROUP ResearchDept
INCLUDE netsim_std_1 INTERNET 192.168.0.*
INCLUDE netsim_std_1 PROJECT IoTProject

Note: Because an EXCLUDE statement always takes precedence over a conflicting INCLUDE statement, best practice is to use only one of these statements in a single options file.

For Example,

After modifying the options file changes should be saved by clicking on the Save Options File button.

For the changes to take effect, the tetcos button under the Reread option which can be accessed by clicking on the  status button in the left pane should be clicked as shown below:

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