Applicable VersionsNetSim StandardNetSim Pro

Applicable Releasesv11v12

Pre-requisites and settings to be done:

  • Open-flow protocol should be enabled in the Application layer of the devices which are configured as SDN Controller or SDN clients.
  • SDN Controller name should be specified in the SDN Client device's Application layer properties.
  • TCP should be enabled in the SDN controller and client devices.
  • Interactive simulation needs to be enabled in the Run Simulation window prior to starting the simulation.

Reasons for no response when executing and SDN command in the SDN Controller console:

  • SDN Controller and SDN client are unable to communicate (not reachable).
    • Part of two different networks
    • Due to the distance between the devices in case of wireless nodes
  • Failed TCP connection attempts due to high error or collision
    • Commands for Controller to the client and response from the client to the controller are passed as TCP packets.
    • The TCP connection attempt fails if the maximum connection attempt is reached.
  • High network traffic due to application packets exchanged during the simulation


  • Connectivity between the SDN controller and clients should be ensured.
  • Application start time can be increased to allow necessary SDN commands to be executed prior to application traffic flow which will also avoid contention especially in case of Wireless devices.
  • SDN commands can be passed as input via file-based interactive simulation for higher accuracy in terms of time at which the commands are to be executed.