NetSim requires only a few components of Visual Studio Community 2019 edition to be installed. Upon starting the installer:

1. Under the Workloads tab users can select Desktop Development with C++ as shown below:

2. Under the Individual components tab select VC++2015.3 V140 toolset for desktop (x86,x64)

3. Proceed with the installation and restart the system if prompted to.

4. Start Visual Studio application. It is highly recommended that you Sign in using a Microsoft account to prevent the installation from expiring in 30 days. If this step is skipped users can also Sign in later from the tool.

6. Upon opening NetSim source codes for the first time, the Retarget Projects window will pop up. Click on the OK button. Please note that this need not be done each time the source codes are opened. Visual studio will not prompt to Retarget Projects when opened the second time.

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