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Applicable Releasesv9v10



NetSim animator animates the flow of packets in the network along with device mobility if configured. Viewing of node movement in NetSim animator is impacted by:

  • Time Units - movement is based on update interval which by default is set to 1 second in the UI. In the case of file-based mobility, for example, there are movement entries at 1.25 seconds and 1.5 seconds. However, the animator progresses time in the order of microseconds. This sometimes means that users would need to wait for a long time to view node movement.
  • Application start time - It is generally set to 5s but can be set to other values. Packet generation will start only at the application start time
  • Grid size - If the grid size is set in thousands of meters whereas the movement of the devices is only in tens of meters then movement may not be visible even though it is happening.
  • The relation between time set in mobility file and time set for simulation - In the case of File-Based Mobility where a movements file (mobility.txt) is provided as input to NetSim, if the mobility file contains entries beyond the simulation time, only those entries that lie within the simulation start and end time will be considered for the simulation and corresponding movement can be viewed in the animation. 
  • Channel characteristics - If the devices communicating in the network aren't within the range of one another or if there is no successful data transmission in the network during the simulation, the animation may not show any device movement.