Any network scenario created in NetSim GUI is converted into an XML based Configuration.netsim file. 

This file can be obtained by saving any valid network scenario to any preferred location in the system, either before or after simulaiton.

The saved Configuration.netsim file can be used to reopen the Network scenario using one of the following methods:

  • Open the configuration.netsim file by right clicking on the file and selecting Open with->TETCOS NetSim.
  • In NetSim Home Screen, go to Open Network option and browse to the saved directory and open the Configuration.netsim file.


The various sections of the Configuration file is explained in Section 5.2 of NetSim User Manual. Similarly, the Configuration file can act as an input to NetSim GUI to load a saved network scenario. Any configuration that can be done in the GUI can also be done via Configuration.netsim file. As an example you could refer the following knowledge base article link which demonstrates addition of a wireless node in MANET network scenario via Configuration file: