NetSim uses OpenStreetMap for map background. Certain back-end servers of OSM have been moved, due to which NetSim isn't able to load maps and throws the error "Error connecting to the Internet, opening in Grid View".

To overcome this issue, updated NetSimSimulation binaries for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions are provided herewith as an attachment. 

1. Download the and extract NetSim_Simulation_Update folder.

2. The folder contains NetSimSimulation.exe files for 32 bit and 64 bit versions of NetSim v10.2 in the respective directories.

3. Copy the relevant NetSimSimulation.exe, and replace it in <NetSim_Install_Directory>/bin folder after renaming the already existing NetSimSimulation.exe as a backup.

This will help you work with Mapview overcoming the error.

Disclaimer: Please note that the NetSimSimulation.exe provided here is a beta version which is still undergoing testing before its official release. In case you encounter any bugs, lack of functionality, or other problems in the tool after replacing the exe, please let us know immediately.