Path Loss Models:

1. Friis Free Space

2. Log Distance

3. CONST231 HATA Suburban

4. CONST231 HATA Urban

5. HATA Urban

6. HATA Suburban

7. Indoor Office

8. Indoor Factory

9. Indoor Home

10. Two-ray

11. Pathloss Metrix file

Fading Models:

1. Rayleigh

2. Nakagami

3. Rician 

Shadowing Models:

1. Log-Normal

2. Constant

Briefly put, the path loss model is used to calculate the mean signal attenuation, while fading/shadowing models are used to calculate the variance of the attenuation.

All the path loss models except Log-distance are 'fixed models', which means that the model parameters are fixed theoretically. Only the Log-Distance model allows you to change the path loss exponent.

The fading models - Rayleigh, Nakagami, Rician- and the shadowing models -- Log-normal, Constant - allow for parameter variation.