The section below explains the traffic generation rate for Video applications based on the CONTINUOUS_NORMAL_VBR model

This CONTINUOUS_NORMAL_VBR model is the simplest of all video models in NetSim. It uses Normal Distribution for the generation of bits per pixel. In this model, consecutive packet sizes are independent of each other. The generation rate for video application can be calculated by using the formula shown below:        

Generation Rate (bits per second) = fps * ppf * bpp

where fps = frames per second

ppf = pixel per frame

bpp (µ) = bits per pixel (mean)

Users can set the above-mentioned parameters in the Application Properties. 

For example, if we set frames per second = 20, pixels per frame = 10000, bits per pixel = 0.52 then the generation rate would be

Generation rate (bits per second) = fps*ppf*bpp = 20*10000*0.52 = 104000 bits per second = 0.1040 Mbps

Also, refer section 6.3 of user manual: